• Remember when you were a kid and you visited that family member's
    home where you could go everywhere... except for ONE room?

    You know... the room where the door was always shut every time you

    were there.

    It drove you nuts, didn't it? Because you just knew there was something REALLY cool behind that door... but there was no way to get inside to find out - leastways not without suffering some serious (and potentially unpleasant) consequences.

    Well one of those doors is shut tight to most home buyers, because even in this market the best homes sell first before most home buyers even know
    there for sale.…but not for you.

    Weekly I open that door and handpick the top homes for sale in Rhode Island and send it directly to you. Our best buy of the week email is jam packed with homes drastically bellow today’s market value. If you’re interested in receiving this week’s best buy of the week fill out the form to the right.