• Having a Tough Time Finding
    Discounted Real Estate?

    Welcome to the fastest, simplest, and smartest way to find "Hand-Picked" discounted real estate in some of the most desirable markets in Rhode Island We work directly with the banks with foreclosures, short sales and reo properties and then deliver them right to you.

    Similar tours have been featured onABC, NBC, Inc.com, The U.K. Telegraph, Inman News, CNBC, MSN Money, and interviewed by numerous TV, radio, and national media sources such as Smart Money Magazine, the Scotsman’s Guide and more. 

    We have tailored tours for those looking for buyers looking for primary residences and investment homes. We locate discounted property that is on the market as well as wholesale property that may never even hit the open market...perfect for someone looking for no competition.

    We work closely with our national network of realtors, wholesalers, brokers, and investors to find deeply discounted property that you do not have to compete for deals…unlike some tours.  

    There are tours for first time homebuyers all the way to luxury waterfront property tours…the sky is the limit.

    Our tours are typically led by experienced well versed local realtors and savvy investors that are very knowledgeable about buying and selling distressed homes in the area. The goal is to inform you of what the market conditions are, connect you with resources that can assist you with the acquisition and management of the property, and to discuss all the upsides and downsides of buying a home "AS-IS" in today’s market.

    This is a one stop shop when it comes to bargain real estate shopping. We take you to the deals, you meet people that can help you, you learn more about the area from professionals, and you meet people just like you that are looking for DISCOUNTED REAL ESTATE.

    The tour runs from 9:30AM to 3:30PM.

    You must R.S.V.P. prior to the tour. Contact us for more details on registering and learn how to SAVE $$$ on your first tour.